This is What 24 Hours in New York Look Like in Just One Picture

This is What 24 Hours in New York Look Like in Just One Picture

Taking a picture usually involves capturing a single moment, a motionless fragment of time. However, New York-based photographer Stephan Wilkes has managed to capture the passage of time in a single photograph. His “Day to Night” photo series explores the many changes that take place in Stehphan’s beloved city of New York as it transitions from day to night.
Completing this project took great dedication on Wilkes’ part. He had to actually stakeout the city in one spot for approximately 15 hours for each composite photograph. He had to take hundreds of pictures of the Big Apple and its most famous places and then spend 4 months picking out 30 to 50 suitable ones. The selected photos then had to be blended into one composite image that reflected the changes that took place in that location between sunrise and sunset.
By creating this photography project, the artist expressed his fondness and love for his hometown. Thanks to his dedication, the photographer brought seemingly surreal photographs to life and filled them with movement, vitality and the passage of time. Wilkes’ “Day to Night” series proves, once again, that New York City is the city that never sleeps.
Also, be sure to check out the time lapse series by Fong Qi Wei. Singapore-based photographer captures the passage of time in visually beautiful layered collages.


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