Outstanding Time-lapse Of Europe's Architectural Masterpieces

Outstanding Time-lapse Of Europe's Architectural Masterpieces

A key part of any holiday is taking a zillions photos of your travels, but few of us would have the dedication and resolved displayed by Luke Shepard, a 23 year old videographer. He set out on a whirlwind tour of Europe, visiting 36 cities across 21 different countries within the EU. His sole aim was the document and record some of the most loved and celebrated architectural masterpieces in the world.
In total he came back with a staggering 20,000 photographs. Many of these that went into making his Kickstarter backed project ‘Nightvision’, a stunning timelapse of all of those historic monuments at night, away from bustling crowds and searing heat.
Here’s what he wrote to all of his Kickstart supporters:
“After several months of hard work the project is complete. We came out of this journey with just over 8 minutes of successful footage. Mind boggling, I know! Keep in mind, the footage is composed completely of photographs (25 photos/second). Now, after a month of planning, a month of raising funds, a few months of shooting, and a couple months of editing, I have a final product that is approximately 4 minutes in length! I am quite pleased with the outcome and forever grateful for this opportunity which you have given me. I could never thank you enough.”
Rest assured, you’ve rarely seen Europe look quite so beautiful.
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