Adorable Series of Babies Sucking on Lemons for the Very First Time

Adorable Series of Babies Sucking on Lemons for the Very First Time (12 photo)

Starting to make its way around the web is this incredibly adorable series called Pucker of babies sucking on lemons for the very first time. Photographer David Wile captured the babies' priceless expressions which will make you do everything from purse your own lips to laugh out loud. Wearing just a bib on top and set against a blue background, the babies really show all of their emotions. Of course, it's safe to say that no babies were harmed in this production. In fact, some even seemed to enjoy the sensory shocking experience!
If you'll remember, David Wile is the same photographer who was behind Splash, the fun photo series documenting the hilarious expressions of people and animals who got a bucket of water poured on their heads. My guess is that he loves seeing authentic reactions.


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