The Internet Tried To Kill William 'Refrigerator' Perry

The Internet Tried To Kill William 'Refrigerator' Perry

Oh Internet, when will you ever stop trying to kill innocent celebrities? Like Jon Bon Jovi and Nelson Mandela before him, the latest celebrity to be hit with a death hoax is former Chicago Bears defensive tackle William “Refrigerator” Perry, who was declared dead earlier today in a post at that has since been deleted. TigerNet covers Clemson University athletics, as the Fridge played football for the Tigers.
As with any good game of Internet telephone, TigerNet’s report quickly spread on Twitter, as Bears fans and NFL fans in general began mourning the loss of the 50-year old big man, who holds the record for the largest Super Bowl ring ever created with a ridiculous size 25. But the rumors were bound to hit Perry’s friends and family and some point, and eventually even the man himself.
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