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Delicious Sugary Treats Perfectly Organized by Color

Delicious Sugary Treats Perfectly Organized by Color (10 photo)

Austin-based photographer Emily Blincoe seems to have quite the sweet tooth. For her Sugar Series, she collected a wide range of color-specific candies, arranged them in deliciously symmetrical squares, and then photographed the organized compositions. She included every candy one can imagine, including lollipops, bubble gum, all kinds of fruit chews, hard candy sticks, taffy, gummy bears, PEZ, and even little heart-shaped piles of nerds.
Each photograph features a slew of candies set against a solid, color coordinated background. Blincoe features the full rainbow—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple—as well as black, gold, and white. The light is exactly the same in every photograph, shining in from the left and casting shadows off to the right, which adds a bit of depth to the arrangements. Viewers can't help but wonder if, at the conclusion of the project, Blincoe enjoyed a little feast of sugary treats!


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