Playful Minimalist Posters Depict Classic Movie Characters

Playful Minimalist Posters Depict Classic Movie Characters

Art director, illustrator, and graphic designer Olaf Cuadras created a series of playful movie posters that transform each story into minimalist designs. In the series, simply called Minimal Movie Posters, the Barcelona-based artist developed concepts for some classics including The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, and Terminator 2.
The prints feature very simple, flat illustrations that portray the main characters of the stories, many of whom boast a bright pink nose in what seems to be Cuadras' signature style. The bold blocks of color and simple fonts reflect the vibe of the movies, while many of the cartoon depictions are actually quite recognizable.
Cuadras also pairs the characters with various props. For example, in the Die Hard depiction, Bruce Willis's character points his machine gun to the sky with a burning building in the background. In The Big Lebowski depiction, The Dude and Walter stand atop the central plot point, the ruined rug. Any movie fans out there will just love the very fun and vibrant collection that visually captures the essence of each film.


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