This Children's Book Marriage Proposal Is Winning The Internet

This Children's Book Marriage Proposal Is Winning The Internet

Sick of all these other soon-to-be fiancees using the likes of Zach Braff and Donal Logue to win the internet with their marriage proposals, Paul Phillips made his own romantic children’s book (with the help of illustrator Yoni Limor), had his girlfriend stumble upon it in the library, and then took a knee when the gorilla proposed to the giraffe because life is a fairytale. The whole thing has of course since been elaborately shared on Reddit.
It’s all a little too cutesy for me (inter-species relations aside) but everyone else seemingly can’t get enough so who am I to argue with public demand? Real-life vs. children’s book proposal montage below. Full illustrated story here. Someone please email me when they re-use the book and idea to propose to their girlfriend and claim it as their own because THAT is something I very much want to cover.
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