London's Brent Council Is Replacing Its Receptionists With A Hologram

London's Brent Council Is Replacing Its Receptionists With A Hologram

In a move to save approximately $26,000 per year in salary for a living, breathing human receptionist capable of directing people wherever they need to go, the leaders at London’s Brent Council decided that they’d rather spend about $18,000 (or £12,000) for a one-time fee to set up a hologram receptionist that can answer limited questions about services in the government building and will undoubtedly end up pissing a lot of people off when they have to keep repeating themselves.
Obviously, some of the borough’s elected officials aren’t too happy about this idea, as they think that it’s going to end up costing the council more to keep reprogramming the hologram, so it can answer even more questions and probably tell some perverts to put their pants back on. And the only reason they even need it in the first place is because people have been complaining that it’s too difficult to find individual offices.
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