Meet The First Punk Band, Los Siacos

Meet The First Punk Band, Los Siacos

Before the Clash, before the Ramones, before the Sex Pistols, before the Stooges, even before Operation Ivy (I KNOW, RIGHT?) there was Los Siacos, a four-piece garage rock band from Lima, Peru, that’s often considered to be the first “punk” band. Unfortunately, their loud legacy has mostly been lost to history (that, and their never releasing an official album doesn’t help, either), but Noisey’s hoping to fix that with a new online documentary saluting the undeniable influence of Erwin Flores, Rolando Carpio, César “Papi” Castrillón, and Pancho Guevara.
It begins with lead singer Flores ranting, “Punk rock music is a piece of sh*t. It’s music made by musicians who have no idea what they are doing. Musicians play whatever they want, and people who don’t have a clue get excited about it.” #PUNK.
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