Watch Olivia Munn Dislocate Her Shoulder After Falling From A Swing

Watch Olivia Munn Dislocate Her Shoulder After Falling From A Swing

I’ll admit that headline is kind of misleading, because while you are about to watch a video of one-time Queen of the Geeks and Nerds, Olivia Munn, going HAM on a swing, you don’t really get to see the best part. You do see the rope snap and her fall to the ground, but as for actually watching her shoulder become dislocated, followed by her walking around with her arm all mangled like one of those skateboard fail videos when some bro’s arm snaps in two, this is sort of tame.
But that’s why God gave us imaginations, and we just have to picture the gory mess as it happens. And maybe I’m there and standing over her while shouting, “That’s what you get for leading C-Tates on in Magic Mike and toying with his heart! He’s an artist, gosh dangit! An artist of coffee tables!” or something to that effect.
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