Angry Brands

Angry Brands

Yakushev Grigory has a sense of humor a mile long and the clever wit to take one of our most beloved games, the Angry Birds, and have them take over brands from around the world. Yakushev Grigory recreates the logos of these companies portraying them as new forms of Angry Birds, the Angry Brands. The Angry Brands are ready to do battle with the evil competitors that are attempting to rip away their market share. Can you aid these Angry Brands in their mission to monopolize their markets and become the dominant forces of industry? The parodies of Yakushev Grigory will put a smile on your face. These images are finding their way on to posters, t-shirts, and other media as the world embraces Yakushev Grigory’s notion of the Angry Brands vying for dominance.


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