Impressive Portrait Of Yao Ming Painted Using A Basketball

Impressive Portrait Of Yao Ming Painted Using A Basketball (3 photo + 1 video)

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re big fans of portrait art here on SBSG, but we have to admit it’s not every day you see artwork painted using merely a basketball!
But that’s precisely the tool Malaysian artist Hong Yi used to create her portrayal of Chinese basketball player Yao Ming. Below is a time-lapse video of her bouncing the ball and bringing her creation to life using nothing more than red paint.
Quite how she achieved such an impressive feat is still somewhat of a mystery, but then again that’s half the fun isn’t it? In her own words “I love to paint, but not with a paintbrush.”, she’s true to her word too. You can see the full range of her artistic experiments via, there’s not a brush in sight.


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