X-Men Days of Future Past first Official Image

X-Men Days of Future Past first Official Image

Today brings us the first official image (not including all the viral stuff and Comic-Con pictures) from Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, a title that’s little by little turning me into a Vietnamese spam bot every time I type it. Obviously, it’s a big deal for anyone who’s a fan of Earth tones.
A movie that shows us what the characters looked like in the seventies! Can you imagine? Has this ever been done in a movie before?
Maybe it will explain how Professor X went bald as a cueball. He’s like 30 in this and his hairline doesn’t even have power alleys. If a person can go bald that fast, I have something new to worry about. Also, didn’t Nicholas Hoult already turn blue in the last one? Don’t explain it, I want this to be a surprise.
X-Men opens May 23, 2014, and the plot will include time travel, Bolivar Trask, Sentinels, and Peter Dinklage’s sweet porn ‘stache. No word on whether we’ll hear from some of the lesser-known mutants, like the guy who has super strength, but only when he’s standing in a puddle of his own pee, the guy who turns water into mustard, or Close Caption, whose special power is lip-reading.
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