Finland's 'Magic Forest' Is Actually A Place You'll Want To Avoid

Finland's 'Magic Forest' Is Actually A Place You'll Want To Avoid

If (like many) you found Singapore’s Frightening Theme Park Dedicated To Chinese Mythology a little too confronting, but still want to seek out the unusual and strange, you could always pay a visit to the “Magic Forest” in Imatra, Finland.
Whether by choice or just bad design, it’s a forest littered with unsettling stone mannequins whose’s expressions are almost as creepy as the scenarios they’re placed in. How about a moustached made in a sharp blue seat, handcuffing a teenager to a tree and beating him with a cane? Or maybe you’d be more interested in a tall lanky local flasher?
There’s even a few religious characters floating around, including The Grim Reaper himself, who certainly looks quite healthy. In short, it’s the perfect place to go anytime, day or night, if you want to give yourself nightmares for eternity.
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