Infographic: 8 Of The Biggest Design Fails In History

Infographic: 8 Of The Biggest Design Fails In History

It’s hard to believe that some of the most ambitious architectural designs of the modern era, also proved to be significantly flawed when it came to their final execution. Despite all the funding, approvals, meetings, planning, scoping, documentation and individuals involved in constructing these impressive feats of human ingenuity, somewhere, somehow it all went wrong.
The New School of Architecture and Design have created an infographic titled ‘Failure by Design‘ which highlights some of the most notable failures of architectural design from eight famous buildings from around the world. The errors range from significantly under estimating the weight of structures, to failing to accommodate the surrounding geological hazards to even erecting a building on unstable marshland.
You’ll be amazed and confounded as to how any of these structures past the planning stage let alone ended up being built!
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