Grumpy Cat Meets Disney In Hilariously Depressing Art

Grumpy Cat Meets Disney In Hilariously Depressing Art (3 photo)

Besides being the Web’s funniest downer, Grumpy Cat has also been a source of artistic inspiration ever since he claimed fame. How Tarter Sauce so effortlessly gains a huge fanbase, we have no idea, nor are we questioning. The famous kitty just has some sort of magical ‘oomph’ to him, which is why these Disney-meets-Grumpy-Cat pictures are so fitting.
User TsaoShin on DeviantArt created what could be one of the most genius varieties of fan art to date. Basically, the grump master replaces key Disney characters in famous movie scenes, and the result is hilariously depressing. Honestly, who even wants to be the Lion King or ride on a magic carpet? BORING.
Check ‘em out below:

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