Revisiting First 'Madden NFL' Soundtrack From 2003

Revisiting First 'Madden NFL' Soundtrack From 2003

HAPPY MADDEN RELEASE DAY EVERYONE. It's a big event for the video game and sports industries alike, as well as for people who own $250 DeShaun Foster jerseys and aren't above going to Walmart at midnight to pick up a copy (guilty). Our own Dan Seitz already wrote his defense of Madden NFL 25, but I want to take a look and listen to something that's much tougher to defend: the first Madden EA Trax soundtrack. It came back in 2002, when Marshall Faulk graced the cover of Madden 2003, and I'm already sorry for all future Audiovent references.
For everyone who hasn't Eternal Sunshine'd Audiovent, though, let's go the tape.
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