A Supercut Of 'Thomas The Tank Engine' Crashes Set To 'Bodies'

A Supercut Of 'Thomas The Tank Engine' Crashes Set To 'Bodies'

I suppose, in the interest of being as accurate and responsible as possible, I should point out a couple things. First, this supercut of crashes from Thomas the Tank Engine set to “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” was posted on YouTube over two years ago, and it already has close to 150,000 views, so it’s not exactly the hippest, freshest thing we’ve ever posted here. But I just saw it for the first time a few minutes ago on Laughing Squid and it cracked me up a little, so here we are. Second, technically speaking, the title of the show is actually Thomas & Friends, not Thomas the Tank Engine, and the title of the Drowning Pool song in question is just “Bodies,” which makes my headline inaccurate at best and willfully ignorant at worst.
But anyway, with all that out of the way, I’d like to get to my real point here, which is LET THE ENGINES HIT THE FLOOR LET THE ENGINES HIT THE FLOOR. LET THE ENGINES HIT THE FLOOR LET THE ENGINES HIT THE FLOOR.
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