Ice Cream Monster Truck

Ice Cream Monster Truck

Czech car manufacturer ŠKODA, best known for bringing us The Manliest Stroller EVAR, is back to jack up something new — an ice cream truck. Enter The World’s Biggest Ice Cream Van (EVAR!!!!), a 5 1/2 ton, 21 foot tall monster truck with 5 foot wheels that serves ice cream. Well this certainly beats the hell out of my neighborhood ice cream truck. A, it’s not even a truck, it’s just a van with all the seats taken out. B, they play Christmas music all year round. Do you know how it feels to hear Jingle Bells blasting over some shitty speakers while you’re sweating in your own apartment, but you’re too lazy to peel yourself off the sofa and go get an ice cream? Hell. It feels like hell. And a little bit like irony, but in the Alanis Morsette sort of way.


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