Watch Drunk Alexander Skarsgård At Soccer Match

Watch Drunk Alexander Skarsgård At Soccer Match (1 photo + 1 video)

I’m not entirely sure of the specifics in the video below, but I do know that it shows peen-flaunter Alexander Skarsgård at a soccer match cheering on his beloved Hammarby Fotboll and that he’s really drunk and seems really pissed. According to a helpful translation provided by from someone on Oh No They Didn’t:

alex: all of you can go to hell, [some name on S I think] look at me you f*cking p*ssy
random person: look at his magical f*cking hairdo
alex: who’s the best team? (and then a couple of more similar questions that I can’t make out)
crowd: hammarby (the name of the team)
alex and crowd: we’re the hottest we’re the best we’re the ones who win the most…hammarby…clapping.
“Magical f*cking hairdo”? Is that what they’re calling penises in Sweden now?

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