Watch Olivia Munn And Letterman Dissect Her Viral Swing Fall Video

Watch Olivia Munn And Letterman Dissect Her Viral Swing Fall Video

Olivia Munn is a good talk show guest. She’s funny and quirky and can somehow find a way to arouse you with her Tiger Mom abuse stories, so of course just a little over a week after falling off an indoor swing and dislocating her shoulder she shared the viral video of the incident with David Letterman who had not yet seen it.
Olivia explaining the whole thing to Dave is reason enough to watch, but add Letterman’s endless fascination with the physics of the swing and just where and how she fell to sustain such injuries and you’ve got yourself some good television. He also can’t figure out how to say her last name at the end, which I enjoyed a little too much.

And here’s the first segment of her describing how she gets uncomfortable at fashion shows so she just mimics whatever Catherine Zeta-Jones is doing. Needs more boob window, but good times nonetheless.
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