Nick Jonas Posted A Shirtless Selfie To Instagram*

Nick Jonas Posted A Shirtless Selfie To Instagram*

As if it wasn’t bad enough for us guys that Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt was out there, bragging about how shredded he looks for his leading role in Guardians of the Galaxy, now we’ve got former teen heart throb and current 20-year old heart throb, Nick Jonas, posting his own shirtless selfie on Instagram*, all in the name of “fitness.”

The youngest Jonas Brother prefaced his photo with the caveat, “I never do this but…” to which Huma Abedin rolled her eyes and said, “Heard that one before.” But Nick is actually an inspiring idol, as he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 13-years old, and he has done a great deal of work to raise awareness for the disease, both through his own Change for the Children Foundation and with a variety of other organizations.
Maybe next he can start a foundation for insecure bloggers who swim in their t-shirts. For other people, I mean. Not me. I’m ripped, too. Shut up.
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