Spectacular Shots of This Year's Perseid Meteor Shower

Spectacular Shots of This Year's Perseid Meteor Shower


A spectacular light show is put on at night for stargazers every year as Perseid meteors streak through the sky. For a few nights, the annual event is captured by photographers from around the world, resulting in a stunning collection of images of our atmosphere being lit up by showering meteors. Yahoo! News has curated a number of shots from this year's event into a dazzling Flickr gallery. Each image offers a scenic view of the naturally occurring cosmic show as Earth passes through debris left by the Swift-Tuttle comet (causing said comet's dust to enter through our atmosphere at approximately 132,000 mph). It's said that there can be up to 100 meteors per hour in these few days with the promise of "fireball" meteors that can be as bright as Venus.


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