Spectacular Shots of Japan's Summertime Fireworks Festivals

Spectacular Shots of Japan's Summertime Fireworks Festivals


While many of us have to wait for special holidays like New Years or the 4th of July to see a spectacular fireworks show, those living in Japan get to enjoy them almost every weekend throughout the summer (though most are held in July and August). The signature summer event in Japan is called Hanabi, which means "flowers of fire" in Japanese. It's easy to see why as these incredible fireworks shows involves fireworks that appear like blooming flower arrangements. As Japan Monthly Web Magazine states, "The creation of fireworks is to arrange flowers, so to speak. The timing in which they are launched displays the craftsmanship behind them, making the fire flowers bloom in perfect intervals." Hundreds of thousands of spectators come out to see some of the main fireworks shows where experts bring out the most advanced pyrotechnics and synchronize them in stunning fashion. Here are ten of our favorite shots that show just how breathtaking it can get.


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