Playfully Surreal Scenes Blend Illusions with Reality

Playfully Surreal Scenes Blend Illusions with Reality

Photographer Oleksandr Hnatenko brings his imagination to life with this extensive collection of surreal scenes. His series, entitled S. Real, captures a strong contrast between shadows and lights to produce the visually dynamic moments. In each photograph, the Austria-based artist invites his viewers into a bizarre world filled with unique perspectives, optical illusions, and confusing spaces.
By naturally blending the concrete with the conceptual, Hnatenko creates playfully contrived realities in which his subjects hide behind fish eyes and top hats, bodies magically disappear into the floor, and normal expectations are completely defied. He says, "In the search for reality, you come across many things, some that are simple, some old, some new, some that are eye-catching, in color or in monochrome, visible things and some hidden from view, some things with sense and some without…Surreal moments are born out of this."


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