Hyperrealistic Turbulent Skies Reveal the Power of Nature

Hyperrealistic Turbulent Skies Reveal the Power of Nature

The Kingdom is a visually stunning series by world-renowned graphic designer, photographer, and producer Seb Janiak. The images focus on massive accumulations of clouds in the sky, visually portraying the power of nature as it swirls overhead. In each composition, viewers will quickly get lost in the lively, dramatic clouds that lead directly to a bright central point.
The French artist created "digital matte painting," a technique in which several images are layered together to produce one hyperrealistic photograph. In each of these compositions, he draws on that technique to create a fantasy world displayed in the turbulent skies. He focuses on nature and its mysterious forces to create each breathtaking scene. The transforming clouds reveal the changing light throughout a full day, moving from bright daylight to the shadows of moonlight that reveal twinkling clusters of stars.


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