Delicious Confectionery Beautifully Organized By Color

Delicious Confectionery Beautifully Organized By Color

Who doesn’t like the odd chocolate bar or fizzy candy every now and then? Just like the rest of us, visual artist Emily Blincoe is partial to the odd sugary indulgence but whilst we’re all unwrapping and munching on them, she’s opted to create this wonderful collection of visuals titled “Sugar Series”.
In it, she’s carefully selected all manner of different types of confectionary and then organised them solely by colour. Apple greens, tangy oranges, citrus yellow and raspberry red are just a few of the colour schemes she’s used. The end result is a selection of colourful boards brimming with delicious items that almost look too good to eat.
You’ll be pleased to know she’s going to be producing posters of these shortly, make sure you’re the first to know by heading over to her website.
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