Surreally Absurd GIFs by Bill Domonkos

Surreally Absurd GIFs by Bill Domonkos

Visual artist and experimental filmmaker Bill Domonkos manipulates archive photos and old film footage into surreally absurd gifs. The multifaceted artist's otherworldly creations reflect his fascination with repurposing and combining moving images of yesteryear. Each gif is wackier than the next, presenting a wild scene clearly accomplished with digital editing and special effects.
Domonkos' affinity for working with vintage, black and white images adds to the curious nature of his work. His altered take on the past is like one big sci-fi experiment, reminiscent of early avant-garde cinema. Instead of a simple portrait of a woman's profile, the artist adds his creative touch to simulate a kinetic mechanism running endlessly on a her headgear. In Domonkos' world, it is almost fitting that a projection of a jockey riding his race horse plays on a loop in a sink bowl.


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