15 Art Pieces of WONDER WOMAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA by Des Taylor

15 Art Pieces of WONDER WOMAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA by Des Taylor

Des Taylor (known as DESPOP) has created some wonderful art. The team of Wonder Woman and Captain America is among my favorites, and that is perfectly encapsulated by the recent commission piece he did featuring the two of them, which you can find featured in the slideshow below. The art itself is fantastic, but above that, I personally believe that Steve and Diana would make a much better fit than she and Clark do.
As tempting as it is to make this post nothing but a rant on that particular subject, I will resist and instead focus on Despop's lovely art style. Check out the gallery to see more of his Cap and a lot more of his Wonder Woman, and if you enjoy it, you can find more of his work on deviant art or his official store.
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