Shocking Video Reveals Terrifying Reality Of Overconsumption

Shocking Video Reveals Terrifying Reality Of Overconsumption

In a unnerving 6 minutes, you’ll be faced with the shocking reality of overconsumption and its affect on the world as whole. The footage is taken from the awe-inspiring Samsara movie, in this particular sequence our over zealous and greedy need for food whenever we feel like it has outpaced the capacity of the world’s ecosystem.
Industry has had to step in to supply demand and it’s here the any sense of comfort, kindness and relief are cast aside in the name of demand, profit and producing as much food as possible. Regardless of the physical effects on the animals themselves or indeed those of the workers who are forced to work long hours in bleak slaughterhouses. It’s purely a numbers game, powered by giant manufacturing plants all supplying millions of supermarket aisles around the world.
It’s an eye-opening and often disturbing look at the entire process of where your food comes from so viewer discretion is advised.
Next time you’re after a snack and find yourself walking into to McDonald’s, have a think about the system you’re contributing to.
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