You Won't Have Seen Optical Illusions Quite Like These

You Won't Have Seen Optical Illusions Quite Like These

Optical illusions are notoriously a lot of fun. You might be staring at an object, move an inch to the left and witness a whole new dimension or you might glance at something in the distance only for your mind to play tricks on you.
It’s one of the few forms of art that is truly interactive and personalised, we all have the capacity to perceive the world around completely separately from each other and optical illusions are a great example of that process. The Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland is currently hosting a new exhibition dedicated to the art of deception. It’s called Illusion and includes breath-taking artworks by artists Matt Kenyon, Gregory Barsamian Roseline de Thelin & Jonty Hurwitz - all of whom were researched by a chap called Paul Gleeson who is in fact an escapologist & magician!
It takes one to know one as they say. Together the artists have created a world of shifting perspectives, sensory deception and dreamlike visuals designed to excite, confuse and above all – surprise.
Here’s a few examples from the exhibition for you to enjoy.
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