Kate Upton Was The Star Of The U.S. Open

Kate Upton Was The Star Of The U.S. Open

If you’re anything like me, you were completely oblivious to this weekend’s U.S. Open action, because you were busy laughing at Lane Kiffin’s coaching ineptitude on Saturday and then cursing Stevan Ridley’s stupid clumsy hands on Sunday. But if you’re a normal person who isn’t obsessed with the failure of others and fantasy football, you’re probably aware that Serena Williams won her fifth and second-consecutive U.S. Open title yesterday, while Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal will play for the men’s championship today at 5 PM ET.
Much more important those inconsequential tidbits, however, is the fact that Kate Upton took in some U.S. Open action on Saturday, as she was a guest in the Moet & Chandon Suite with Karolina Kurkova. It was part of a whirlwind weekend for the 2013 Model of the Year and With Leather’s Eternal Greatest Celebrity Sports Fan in the World, as she also attended the Daily Front Row's First Fashion Media Awards. I went ahead and included some photos from that, too, because I know you care.
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