Funny Posters Reveal the Real Life of a Photographer

Funny Posters Reveal the Real Life of a Photographer (15 photo)

To many, being a photographer is a glorified profession. How hard could it be? You get to travel the world, shoot babies or weddings, and you might even be your own boss! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?
Over the past year, The Shoppe Design studio has started to dispel those myths, revealing the true life of a photographer. Dripping with sarcasm, the posters, under the series name Shoppe Satire, are mostly all lines photographers hear from their clients or ones they say to them (often with a sarcastic undertone). They're lines that make photographers sigh in disbelief like, "Your camera takes really nice pictures," or "Of course you are invited to our wedding. You're bringing your camera, right?"
Whether you're just entering the profession or are a seasoned photographer, we'll guarantee you'll get a kick out of these posters!


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