Must-See Freaky Faces Made From Designer Clothes

Must-See Freaky Faces Made From Designer Clothes

When it comes to the majority of our clothes, we wear them, clean them, fold them and store them. And we repeat this cycle until they are too outdated too worn to wear – we seldom actually have fun with our clothes.
The same, however, cannot be said for Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi. From her private New York studio, she’s unleashed a selection of freakish faces, formed and folded entirely from fashionable clothes. Titled ‘Fashion Faces’ she’s taken designer jeans, jackets, shirts and sweaters and contorted them into unusual & somewhat grumpy faces.
Even more impressive that her origami-esque skills is the fact she did all this without a single drop of glue or pair of scissors being needed. Her only tools were a vivid imagination, buckets of clothes and lots of trial and error.
The result? Your laundry never looked so…..lifelike!
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