Hear Pre-Led Zeppelin P.J. Proby Album

Hear Pre-Led Zeppelin P.J. Proby Album

In 1969, long before Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham inspired Wayne’s World signs and shoved sharks up women’s vaginas, hell, even before they went by Led Zeppelin, they played on P.J. Proby’s largely forgotten country-blues album, Three Week Hero. Proby, a music industry legend who had a number of hits in the U.K. but is most remembered for the “pants-splitting incident” in the States, signed the then-New Yardbirds foursome to a two-day recording contract, likley beginning on August 25th, 1968. According to Dangerous Minds, that date marked “the very first time that Led Zeppelin would enter a recording studio together.”
You can read more about the sessions here, or just listen to the great “The Day That Lorraine Came Down” below.
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