Lil’ Kim’s Many Changing Faces + Body Parts

Lil’ Kim’s Many Changing Faces + Body Parts

It looks like Lil’ Kim has been having a lil’ work done. As near as we can tell, she took a photo of La Toya Jackson to a plastic surgeon raising money for his mom’s heart transplant and told him what she was going for, so he’s trying his damndest to get her there.
Because, seriously, what?
Have you seen her face lately? Even calling it “her face” is inaccurate at this point — because what she has now is certainly not what she started with.
We aren’t medical experts so we can’t tell you all about the effects of plastic surgery procedures. But we are celebrity photo experts, so we can tell you all about when somebody’s mug now looks totally different than it did just a few short years ago.
And so we shall.
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