Self-Portraits Drawn Whilst High On 45 Different Drugs

Self-Portraits Drawn Whilst High On 45 Different Drugs

We seriously don’t recommended you try this at home….
It’s a reoccuring theme, many of the world’s musicians, writers and artists claim that drug use has often helped fuel their creative process and with that in mind artist Bryan Lewis Saunders conducted the ultimate experiment on himself.
Over 45 days, he took a different drug and whilst under the influence of that drug, he attempted to draw a self-portrait. The results are truly fascinating, highlighting the powerful effect his chemical cocktails were having on part of his brain responsible for creativity, emotion, daydreaming & sensitivity.
You can read his challenging story behind the experiment right here:
Please note! Loljam does not support or condone the use of any kind of drug unless prescribed by a doctor as a medical necessity.
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