Exploring The World's Deep Dark Seas In Style

Exploring The World's Deep Dark Seas In Style

Part hotel, part research vessel and unlike anything you’ve witnessed before – say hello to The SeaOrbiter
Whilst it looks like something from the future, it’s actually currently under construction. French visionary architect Jacques Rougerie was the chief designer of the unique construction of the ship, 50% of its surface will be permenatnly underwater, to allow for deep sea exploration in the fields of marine biology, oceanography and climate issues.
Even more impressive is that it’s slimline design was crafted specifically to allow it to drift with ocean currents. It’s propulsion engine is largely powered by renewable energy sources such as wave, wind and solar making the vessel incredibly eco-friendly.
How much does it cost? An eye-watering $43,000,000 and it will tower 58 meters high! The question is, would you fancy a ride?
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