Swarms Of Everyday Objects Flying Through The Air

Swarms Of Everyday Objects Flying Through The Air 

You can tell that photographer and visual artist Thomas Jackson has a tremendous amount of fun with his creations. He’s behind this series of playful digitally manipulated images, which feature swarms of everyday objects flying through the air in the most unlikely of places.
He’s called it Emergent Behavior whereby he magically creates swarms out of cheese balls, Post-It notes, glow sticks and even plastic cups and then delicately edits them into his photographs.
The overall effect is quite brilliant and fun and lets face it, it would be a lot more enjoyable watching his creation of a swam or Post-It notes flying at you in the middle of a forest than say a swarm of killer wasps!
You can see the full range of his Thoma’s work right here, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!
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