Elderly People Suspended & Stuck To The Side Of Buildings

Elderly People Suspended & Stuck To The Side Of Buildings

Angie Hiesl certainly knows how to shock and awe, causing complete strangers to stop dead in their tracks and admire her art installations. That’s because her work involve placing senior citizens in white chairs and then sticking them to the side of buildings some 20ft in the air!
She originally started the idea back in 1995 and now her works have been featured and see in over 14 different countries – all with hired local actors. They do all have one thing in common though, they are all aged 60+ and their entire remit is to sit in the chair and carry on doing whatever it is they would normally do at home – doing some knitting, reading a book or having a smoke.
The latest country to experience her work was Montreal in Canada as part of the Festival Transamerique
At the bottom of the post we’ve also included a clip showcasing the publics reaction to her wonderfully fun and humourous work.
You can keep up to date with her next shows via her website:
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