China's Latest Fashion Craze - The Facekini

China's Latest Fashion Craze - The Facekini

We always thought the Japanese were more than a little kooky in with their fashion, but it seems the Chinese are catching up with the launch of the “Facekini” – and yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.
Now you can hit the beach, looking like a cross between a serial killer, Mexican-wrestler, holiday Gimp and bank robber, safe in the knowledge that your skin will be protected from harmful UV rays. How many items of clothing can lay claim to giving you 4 different styles AND sun protection?
The “Facekini” are a relatively a new (fashion?) trend, having first been noticed on the beaches of Qingdao a few weeks ago. For those of you who are fans of the look, you’ll be please to know that the “Facekini” comes in a wide selection of colours.
Some sellers have made the bold claim that orange coloured “Facekini’s” in particular keep Jellyfish Stingers and Sharks at bay because “orange is the colour they fear the most”
Will we all be wearing them soon?
Not likely.
After all, imagine what you look like when you take it off. White skin and perfect dark tan / burn marks around your eyes – not the most welcoming of looks.
Personally, we can’t figure out why they don’t just use parasols and sunscreen, but each to his own.
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