Check out the Best Bus Stop Ever

Check out the Best Bus Stop Ever

This surely makes waiting for the bus a little less boring.
In a recent video, the folks over at Qualcomm decided to make everyone’s day a little brighter by adding in some crazy stuff. In order to do so, the company placed a URL on the side of a local bus stop and waited for the visits to come. And when they did — as they knew they would — the fun began.
What resulted was something both unexpected and quite outlandish. From being picked up by a Lamborghini or a dogsled to a circus exploding out of an upcoming bus, Qualcomm definitely made the day of the people on the receiving end of the hoax quite unique, allowing them to realize that they haven’t seen everything life has to offer.
And by giving everyone a little something unique in their day perhaps we can all begin to see it.
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