Julia Stiles Has a Meme That We Can’t Quite Figure Out

Julia Stiles Has a Meme That We Can’t Quite Figure Out

During last night’s episode of CONAN, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ co-star Julia Stiles admitted she has some creative fans. A group of Julia-addicts took it upon themselves to generate the ‘Julia Stiles On Things‘ Tumblr page. Naturally, some are quite silly; however, believe or not, others are pretty legit-looking.
Check some out examples of the Julia hanging on things meme below. Why is the star of ’10 Things I Hate About You’ grasping for dear life onto everything from Keyboard Cat to the cast of the ’80s Cher classic ‘Mermaids’? Hey, it’s the internet. The more you try to explain, the more likely it is to go away. Enjoy the weirdness while it lasts.
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