Funniest Memes I can Find Today!

Funniest Memes I can Find Today!


This week’s funniest memes of the week list has a few special memes for you. Take a look at two new hilarious Tumblrs, ‘Menswear Dog‘ and ‘Les Mean Girls.’ These Tumblrs each take something we know and love and bring a new twist to it, such as dogs photographed as menswear catalog models or ‘Mean Girls’ quotes on ‘Les Miserables’ stills. We also have three never before featured on this site memes: Typical Prince Charming, Angry School Boy and Concerned Shark. We’re not sure what these have in common except that they’re new, funny and sure to surprise you. Finally, we never get sick of the classics. First World Problems and Socially Awkward Penguin are as entertaining as you remember. And be sure you check out the meme evolution, the touching story of a man with the best intentions. Enjoy!

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