If ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Mean Girls’ Had a Baby, This Would Be It

If ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Mean Girls’ Had a Baby, This Would Be It

I loved this meme site so much, I had to make an entire post about it!
There’s so much hoopla surrounding ‘Les Miserables‘ recently, and rightly so, the film is a new level of spectacular. It’s basically about the French Revolution, there are good and bad people and it’s awesome. If you take it down a few thousand notches, it’s sort of like the movie ‘Mean Girls,’ minus the revolution. Sort of. You know– the one where Regina George is the queen of the coolest high school clique, and Lindsay Lohan’s character tries to sabotage her?
That’s why we think it’s totally perfect these two stellar films are meshed into hilarious memes. Ladies and gents, we’d like to present to you the ‘Les Mean Girls’ Tumblr. Snapshots from ‘Les Miserables’ are matched with classic ‘Mean Girls’ quotes, and the result is meme hilarity. Check out some of our favorites:
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