‘Bad Lip Reading’ Is Best Done With Mar-i-ja-wa-na

‘Bad Lip Reading’ Is Best Done With Mar-i-ja-wa-na


Well, accroding to the it that one of the characters had in this video.
Bad Lip Reading is a YouTube channel which puts words in people’s mouths based on what it looks like they’re saying. And for enjoyment purposes, they’re all the wrong words.
If you want to hear Jennifer Lawrence say, “I have Taylor Swift in a big coffin. She wanted to fight me. She was a fire-walker. She has five legs,” then this is the video series for you.

BLR regularly tackles blockbuster movies, sporting events and even the presidential inauguration. So for the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards, the crew was asked to put together a special presentation of clips from the Best Screenplay nominations — and boy did they.
Bonus points to the team for giving Sam Rockwell the line, “Why shouldn’t you suck at math, you’re a vertebrate?” Which is pretty much how we feel 100 percent of the time.
And No, LOLJam does not condone or support the use of drugs.
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