GIFs of 2 Chainz Dancing Like He’s Caught in Spiderwebs

GIFs of 2 Chainz Dancing Like He’s Caught in Spiderwebs


Dance crazes commonly occur among humans, as does arachnophobia, but even worse than either of these is that overwhelming feeling of walking into a spider web. You know the moment, you're just wandering along and suddenly all these tiny gauze strands are covering your body with creepy-crawly sensations. Although your first urge might be to wipe off the offending spider pathways, several intense weeks of research have shown that the illustrious rapper 2 Chainz has a different and more effective strategy. After Tracy Morgan first broached the subject on twitter, it has become increasingly apparent that Mr. Epps is plagued by recurring run-ins with spider webs, but his response is simply to dance through them.

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