Impressive Examples Of Post-It Note Office Art

Impressive Examples Of Post-It Note Office Art (20 photo)


Generally speaking office spaces don’t tend to be most creative of environments (unless you work in a design agency, Facebook are the CEO of Nike for example) and if they are, the colours and designs are often dated from a decade ago.
So what’s the solution? How you can make an office fun and creative, without going to huge expense? Well depending on how much time you have on your hands, you could always rope in a few co-workers to help you create a wall of Post-It note art!
Think about it - easy to put up, even easier to take down and they’ll give you blank office a bit of colour, charm and humour. Plus your boss won’t have to spend thousands on an interior designer or decorators. It’s a win win for everyone. Here’s 19 impressive examples of Post-It note art from around the world, designed to inspire you and get you started.

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