Hilarious Outtakes of Charles Barkley & Alec Baldwin For Capital One

Hilarious Outtakes of Charles Barkley & Alec Baldwin For Capital One


Charles Barkley is known for his over-sized physique and personality and unfiltered approach to basketball analysis.
This month, Barkley shows off his acting chops as he ventures out from behind the ‘Inside the NBA’ desk to co-star with Alec Baldwin in a series of funny spots for Capital One. The new ad campaign promotes Capital One’s Venture Card and the brand’s partnership with the NCAA and March Madness.
The ads — most of which have Barkley and Baldwin sitting together at a basketball game (presumably the Final Four) giving each other a hard time — will run through the month of March and into April to track the NCAA Tournament. The two stars are comfortable with comedy — Baldwin is best known for his Emmy-winning role as Jack Donaghy on ’30 Rock’ and Barkley has hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ twice. Spots include Chuck trying to get a program for free, turning on his charm; Barkley asking Baldwin to answer his phone when his wife calls (and both of them coming up with movie ideas, roles for Charles, so they can say they’re working together).
The first three ads in the series (“Telestrator”, “Little Ball” and “Saving It For Later”) premiered this week and show off Barkley and Baldwin’s on-camera camaraderie and ribbing (check out Chuck’s sail-size tighty-whiteys in the “Telestrator” spot). The first three spots are currently on Capital One’s YouTube page. And we’ve got our favorite one, two minutes of hilarious outtakes from all nine of the ads, right here:
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