Funniest Video Game Temper Tantrums

Funniest Video Game Temper Tantrums


Gamers can be a fickle bunch. We’re passionate about our hobby. We love it. That’s why you get shouting matches over Xbox Live and pelvic thrusting taunts in Uncharted 3 Mulitplayer. When we do well, we want to shout it loud into the nearest microphone. But, some of us aren’t very graceful at losing or keeping our hobby under control.

Instead of disappointingly looking over the replay of what went wrong, these gamers kick and scream and snap their controllers. They shout obscenities on anyone getting between them and their game. They turn into frothing animals that look like they might be more at home in a straight jacket with heavy dose of lithium.
The following list is definitely not safe for work (lots of swearing), but it is totally safe for your enjoyment. Fake or real, each one of these highlights the hilarious failings in each and every one of us.
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